2022 I-8 Conference Dance Competition

2nd Place Ottawa Dance

2022 I-8 Conference Cheer Competition

Champions Sandwich Cheer


3rd Place LaSalle Peru

2021/22 I-8 All Cheerleaders

Plano Cheerleaders 2021/22



2020/21 I-8 Dance Competition

1.  Morris - 89.9
2.  Rochelle - 79.9
3.  Sycamore - 79.17
4.  Ottawa - 74.17
5.  LaSalle-Peru - 62.13

2019/20 I-8 Cheer Competition

1st Place Morris

All Cheerleaders

Plano Cheerleaders


2019/20 I-8 Dance/Pom Competition

1st Place Morris

2. Sycamore

3rd Place Ottawa


4th Place Rochelle


2017/18 I-8 Cheerleading Competition


2018 Champions Reed-Custer Cheer

2018 All Conference


2016/17 I-8 Cheerleading Competition



1. Reed-Custer

2, Wilmington

3. Lisle

4. Sandwich


2017 Champions Reed-Custer Cheer



2017 All-Conference



2017 All Conference Members are: Emma Werner from Herscher, Lexi Trout from Sandwich, Camielle Casillas from Manteno, Kenzi Empson from Seneca, Taylor Zalinski from Peotone, Abigail Charles from Coal City, Anna Thorson from Streator, Sarah Voight from Plano, Claire Springer, Kassidy Andrews, and Alec Beasley from Wilmington, Jamie Shorner and Skylar Spence from Lisle, and Karen Gonski, Abby Hess, Macy Pfeifer, and Skylar Windsor from Reed Custer.




2015/16 I-8 Cheerleading Competition


Interstate 8

Competitive Cheerleading

Conference Tournament Results

PlaceTeamJudges InApproved?Raw ScoreDeductionLegalitiesTotal Score
1stReed Custer High School4Yes85.21084.2
2ndWilmington High School4Yes85.181084.18
3rdManteno High School4Yes83.450.5082.95
4thPeotone High School4Yes75.62073.6
5thPlano High School4Yes75.351173.35
6thSeneca High School4Yes72.650072.65
7thLisle High School4Yes730172
8thHerscher High School4Yes72.1810


9thSandwich High School4Yes76.651.5570.15
10thStreator High School4Yes71.031.5564.53

2015/16 I-8 Cheerleading Competition



15-16 Competitive Cheerleading

All-Conference Team Members


Brianna Avery- Sandwich

Contessa Bowers- Plano

Abby Hess- Reed-Custer

Kelly Thomas- Lisle

Taylor Zalinski- Peotone

Olivia Aimone- Seneca

Kassidy Andrews- Wilmington

Alec Beasley- Wilmington

Ashley Benevice- Manteno

Alyssa Denault- Herscher

Cammy Esparza- Reed-Custer

Claire Springer- Wilmington

Anna Thorson – Streator

Reilley Williams- Reed-Custer

Amber Wood- Manteno


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